Perché ViruBLOC

Famiglia felice

The barrier formed by ViruBLOC on the oral and nasal epithelial tissue traps viruses, blocks them and deactivates them (by electrostatic and chemical-physical interaction with their lipid envelope), hindering their spread and replication.

To be used when exposed to a risk of contagion (e.g. in crowded places, on public transport, when traveling, at the stadium, at the cinema, etc.) or as soon as symptoms similar to those of colds (ViruBLOC Nasal Microgel) or sore throat (ViruBLOC Oral Fresh) occur.

When used at the first symptoms of infection, when the viral load is low, it reduces the chance of it developing completely.

ViruBLOC helps protect the oral and nasal mucous membranes, reducing the potential for viral transmission in the respiratory tract.